Quick Snack: Blueberry Peach Steel Cut Oats & Amande Creamy Cultured Almond.

My life has been taken over by final exams lately. When I’m awake I’m reading about bonds and cash flow statements, when I’m asleep I dream about journalizing dividends for stocks, it’s starting to drive me insane. I thought I would take a quick time out today to post one of my favourite study snacks! […]

The infamous New York Times chocolate chip cookies

Do you guys remember that episode of Friends where Monica goes crazy trying to replicate Phoebe’s grandmother’s chocolate chip cookie recipe so she could be the mom who baked the best cookies in the world? And in the end it turns out that the recipe was on the back of the Nestle Tollhouse bag the […]

Chocolate Orange Pavlova

I’ve been feeling so guilty lately about this poor neglected blog, with its three sad little posts. It’s that time of year though, and Victoria and I have been swamped with exams and final projects/papers. Kaoverii has been busy with an exciting new venture of her own as well, so this little side project of […]