Quick Snack: Blueberry Peach Steel Cut Oats & Amande Creamy Cultured Almond.

My life has been taken over by final exams lately. When I’m awake I’m reading about bonds and cash flow statements, when I’m asleep I dream about journalizing dividends for stocks, it’s starting to drive me insane. I thought I would take a quick time out today to post one of my favourite study snacks! Contrary to all the desserts I’m post I actually put a lot of thought into eating healthy. Mostly because I eat so many desserts and I need to balance it out, but who’s keeping score here?

yummy and good for you :)

yummy and good for you

This hardly counts as a recipe post, more of an idea. Steel cut oats, hemp seeds, all bran buds, frozen fruit and a little drizzle of maple syrup if I feel a little indulgent. So tasty, and if I throw it in a tupperware and bring it to school the frozen fruit keep it nice and cold. Delicious, vegan, and dairy free (and can be gluten free if you replace the all bran buds with a brand that’s GF, or just leave it out all together, but I like the little crunch they add.)

Today I also had a cultured almond “fauxgurt” from Amande. I got it at Galloways, but it can also be found at Whole Foods are various other markets in the area. It’s gluten free and sweetened with fruit juices (peach and pineapple in mine!)

amande is french for almonds. That one semester of french totally sort of kind of stuck with me. Not.

It was actually pretty tasty, and texturally it was pretty close to yogurt, if a tiny bit grainy. Definitely better than Nancy’s soygurt, which I found had a super weird aftertaste. The coconut had actually dried coconut bits in it which was interesting and the coconut flavour wasn’t artificial like I was afraid it would be. It’s made with 6 different bacterial cultures: L. acidophilus, L. bulgaricus, S. thermophilius, B. difidum, L. Casel, and L. rhamnosus. I had no idea what this means but a cursory google led me to Amande’s website that had a lot of long words I can’t be bothered to read (I’m only giving myself a 15 minute break!)

The nutritional info is a bit hard to read in the picture, I realized after that there was a harsh glare, but I had already started eating it so that ship sailed.

Per 170g cup serving: 150 cal, 6g fat, 0mg cholesterol, 10mg sodium, 23g carbohydrate, 2g fibre, 15g sugars and 3g protein.
It also contains 30% of your daily recommended calcium intake.

Overall it’s okay, I would recommend it to someone who’s avoiding dairy, but given the choice I will take my regular greek yogurt over this.


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