Kawaii Eats! :3

This semester I had the pleasure of interning with Jenna of Make It Productions, the mastermind behind Make It! Vancouver and Edmonton, a super fun craft fair filled with lovely homemade fares, live music, a bar (!), and what I was most excited for: lots of exciting food vendors! I had initially been looking forward to sampling a bit of everything and writing a really in depth post highlighting the most exciting booths, but it was SO BUSY this weekend! We saw 9,200+ guests through the doors from Thursday to Sunday! Needless to say, not only was I busy there, but the vendors were run off their feet, so I didn’t get a chance to talk to them, or even get good pictures of their booths and products!

I was super determined to check out Kawaii Eats though, I had heard so much about her adorable macarons and I knew my sister and a couple of my girlfriends would just DIE for them. Macarons on their own are super cute, but when they’re shaped like Hello Kitty, Pandas, and a little green dog (?) they are completely irresistible!


Seriously, look at these. I dare you to tell me you don’t want to eat Hello Kitty’s cute little face. These were $2 each and $10 for 6. They also come in packs of 3 with one of each, and those will set you back $6. Super reasonable considering most macarons cost around $1.50 – $2 anyway, and these must take so much more work! I bought 6 of the Hello Kitty macarons, which are vanilla flavoured and filled with a raspberry jam buttercream.


Definitely lives up to their kawaii name, right? They were pretty yummy, the food colouring pens she used on them does not affect the taste or texture of the macarons at all, though I found it to be almost cloyingly sweet. I do tend to prefer my macarons with dark chocolate ganache or fillings that err on the tart side, such as citrus curds or even buttercreams with real fruit in them, so I may be totally biased here. Texture-wise they were good, had the satisfying crunch and slight chew I expected. Overall they weren’t the best macarons I’ve ever had, but their novelty definitely makes up for it.

According to her blog, the pandas are vanilla and chocolate flavour with a dark chocolate and orange blossom ganache (sounds right up my alley, definitely something I will have to check out next time!), and the little green dog (a Mameshiba?) is matcha flavoured. She also had a gorgeous japanese themed pack of macarons, with cherry blossoms, sesame seeds, and japanese characters on them. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to get a picture of these because of how busy it was, the crowd seemed to be at it’s peak during my break. Major bummer.

You can check out Kawaii Eats at other craft and baking shows around Vancouver during the Holiday season, follow her twitter for details!

I also pigged out on a canelé from French Made Baking, (not pictured because it given to me while I was supposed to be working the doors and I had no time!) which was ah-mah-zing. It’s a rum and vanilla pastry, all caramelized and delicious on the outside, with a flaky almost croissant-like texture initially  and so soft its almost like cream in the middle. I’m actually drooling a little bit just thinking about it now. I did get a snapshot of their super cute macaron tower though, which are available to rent for parties!


Trés chic, a couple of these on a dessert table would be gorgeous at any party or wedding (and maybe a couple filled with canelés as well, omg!)

I couldn’t leave without getting a little holiday shopping done as well, and while I won’t post everything I got (some of them were for the other girls of this blog, can’t spoil the surprise!), I will show off this super adorable little air plant I picked up for myself from Green With EnvyImage

It’s housed in the cutest ceramic eggshell, and they are so easy to care for being succulents from South America. They only need to be misted with water every three weeks, which is perfect because so far the only plant I’ve been able to keep alive are the three cacti on my window sill, and one of them isn’t even looking that good.

Finally, I want to mention The Tiny Fig, whose founder Connie Lim passed away a week before Make It! this year after a long battle with cancer. Her entire family showed up to honour her memory and it was just so touching to see them all keeping her legacy alive despite how painful it must have been. I didn’t get a chance to meet Connie, but I know she must have been the most wonderful person to inspire the love I saw in all her friends and family who showed up to support her booth this weekend. I bought some adorable things from The Tiny Fig that maybe I’ll be able to share with you after Christmas, when they make their way to their rightful owners. In the meantime, check out some of her beautiful work and help her family keep her memory alive. Connie’s family has also set up a memorial fund in her name benefitting the BC Cancer Society, you can donate here if you wish to do so.


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